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芬兰桑拿精灵的故事Story of Finnish Sauna Elf

“这个世界不需要更多成功的人,却迫切地需要和平者,疗愈者,分享故事和充满爱和力量的信使。” This planet does not need more “successful people”, it desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. 旅行是无法复制的体验,远比物质的拥有更长久,甚至,在自己活出精彩的时候,那股能量是可以鼓励到别人,甚至影响到很多生活失去方向感的人。 大学时代,我用业余时间做兼职口译,那个时候没有出过国门。记得有一次,我代表一家芬兰木材出口商出席一个展览,那是我第一次听说芬兰闻名的传统桑拿,从地域上来讲,芬兰80%的地区都是自然森林,漫长的冬季,冰天雪地的自然环境让芬兰人自然而然将桑拿渗透到他们的日常生活中。 Many years ago, when I was working as a freelancer interpreter, I worked on a project for a Finnish Woods exporter at a Trade show, that was the first time I…
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芬兰童话世界体验二: Reindeer ride驯鹿亲密接触 vs Snow castle雪城堡

This is my first time to be so close to Reindeer, to ride them and feed them, winter wonderland brings me so much joy. 在芬兰和圣诞老人的座驾驯鹿亲密接触,原来,驯鹿都是有主人的呢。 入住凯米雪城堡 Kemi Snow-castle Sleeping at Snow castle in Kemi makes me have more passion in street people who are abandoned on the street in the cold weather. Adventurous people have…
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