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What is Numerology?

In simple terms, numerology is a study of numbers in your life. It can be used to uncover information about the world and also each individual person. Numerology is seen as a universal language of numbers.

If you are familiar with Astrology, then you may know a little bit about Numerology; it is similar in quite a few ways but uses a different method to get the information and insight: Numbers.

Numerology is the idea that the universe is a system and once broken down we are left with the basic elements, which is numbers. These numbers can then be used to help us to better understand the world and ourselves as individuals.

How Does it Work?

As the idea behind Numerology is that the cosmos and your life is affected by your birthdate, you use this factor to find your life path number. Your life path number is a number that describes your traits and personality and who you are. It also outlines any opportunities or challenges you may face, as well as any lessons you may have to learn along the way.

Each life path number has a different meaning and should be reflective of who you are. To find out your life path number you use your birthday and add up each number. For example, April 4th 1992, would be 4 + 4 = 8. (1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 21, 2 + 1 = 3) Then, 8 + 3 = 11. 11 is then your life plan number. The number 11 is also a master number, as is 22. A master number is a number with powerful meanings.

Once you have your life plan number, you can then see what it says about you and your life.

What to Expect?

Based on your birthdate, a numerologist can work his magic and come up with an even more in depth interpretation of your life based on periods, your karmic numbers, and your pinnacles. While at the reading, your numerologist will explain what these mean. Some numerologists WILL try to explain the math and figuring involved, but most will understand that you do not understand, nor do you want to.

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