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这个世界上有这样两种人 There are two kinds of people in the world 循规蹈矩被群体意识束缚的“跟随大流派” Those who are following the herd constraining by limiting belief system; 崇尚精神意识活出自我的“觉醒行动派” Those who have awakened to live the true-self and be free; 前者的生命旅程总是在熟悉的轨迹上徘徊 The first pack’s life journey is full of expected path and familiar tracks. 走不出世俗的窠臼 Endless 9 to 5 and routines,…
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我和Thames在一个灵性治疗中心认识,我们相见恨晚,灵魂使命也非常相似,健康生活方式品牌Gre3n的Thames 分享他和椰子的缘分和充满跌宕起伏的人生故事。从一个泰国大家族的少爷到一个闯荡魔都的创业狗,看我们会擦出什么样的视频火花。 I met Thames at a spiritual retreat, we really hit it off, so when I decided to kick off my video interview “Date with interesting souls” on my V-log, he became my first guest. Let’s hear about what he has to say about his life, how he transformed himself from a rich idler…
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冬季芬兰的7种玩法Top 7 things to do in Winter Wonderland

你想摆脱朝九晚五的生活方式,每天做喜欢做的事,和喜欢的人在一起吗? 你想行走世界五大洲,边探索世界, 边认识有意思的人吗? 你想摆脱对金钱的恐惧,真正想做什么就做什么吗? 用三年的时间,突破了人生各种设限,环游世界,拍摄旅行视频,采访在世界各地遇见的有趣的人的故事,  鼓励更多人活出自己,听从内心的声音。