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这个世界上有这样两种人 There are two kinds of people in the world 循规蹈矩被群体意识束缚的“跟随大流派” Those who are following the herd constraining by limiting belief system; 崇尚精神意识活出自我的“觉醒行动派” Those who have awakened to live the true-self and be free; 前者的生命旅程总是在熟悉的轨迹上徘徊 The first pack’s life journey is full of expected path and familiar tracks. 走不出世俗的窠臼 Endless 9 to 5 and routines,…
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How long do you fall in love with a city like Tallinn People always say You are such a lucky person, you get to travel the world. Truth is I create my luck. I made myself ready for new adventures and different life experiences, so when opportunities come, I simply grab it. And never regret…
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和过去的自己告别 Letting go of the old ME

鸡蛋,从外打破是食物,从内打破是生命。 人生,从外打破是压力,从内打破是成长。 12.7 迎来我的32岁生日,每年12月,我开始写New Year Resolution, 想把新年策划得精致完美,可我却发现,我把自己逼得太辛苦了,每年看着长长的bucket list,却无从下手,岁月带给我的不仅仅是年纪,更应该是内心的一种成长,于是,今年我的新年愿望只有简单的:学会放手,让宇宙助力,Letting go of my old self, my old beliefs, my old habits, my old relationships….. 我不可能把生活的每一件事都处理得很完美,我知道我想做什么,但我不一定马上能做到并做好。我允许我接受生活的曲折和可能充满荆棘的道路。 Let go of the belief that you have to have everything figured out right now. That you have to know exactly who you want to be, exactly what you want to do,…
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