Celebrating Everyday As It Is 庆祝每一天最真实的模样

Every country I go, I discovered sth about myself. I am very grateful for all my experiences, even thought there is no way to know what makes one thing happen and not another, what leads to what, what destroys what, what causes what to flourish, or take another course. I am still keep exploring, because part of me knows that’s my deepest heart desire is, to experience life as it is, not as it should be.
Last Dec, I had my 33 year’s birthday, after celebrating with my parents and my friends, I realize that among all the experiences I have created in the past 4 years since I started FlywithMaggie, one thing stands out, I became an inspirational and interesting person, I always have stories to tell and people are always intrigued by my stories.
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工作坊12.3启动 “成为最棒的自己—拿回人生蓝图,创造梦想人生”

Oprah Winfrey 23岁时,被报社解雇;
Stephen King 24岁时,是一名门卫,住在拖车上;
J.K. Rowling 28岁时,是个试图自杀的单亲母亲,那时她需要依靠低保生活;
Harrison Ford 30岁时,是一位木工;
Vera Wang在奥林匹克花样滑冰的时候失败,40岁时才设计了她的第一套礼服。
famous and successful top performer
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真正的智慧来自内在 Wisdom comes from within

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