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加拿大的有趣灵魂:Martha Birkett

她有很多身份: 自然疗法执业者; Body Talk (身体语言) 执业者; Animal Access (动物亲近) 培训师; 颅骶治疗师; 动物沟通者及指导师; 灵气大师; 声音疗愈师
Martha运用能量振动疗愈的方式, 在意识和量子实相方面深入的研究, 她帮助大家找到热情与爱好,创造一个更加开阔的人生经验。在视频的采访中,玛莎提到她一个人骑马穿越加拿大的旅行故事,分享她在印尼野生动物救援中心和孤儿院的奇迹故事。Martha是加拿大柯克伦Amaryllis疗愈中心的创始人,她在美丽的洛基山班夫镇创办水晶花园中心,该中心是全加拿大最大的炼金水晶钵展示点,下次我们一起飞往加拿大见到玛莎本人。
我们生活在非常强大的时代。高能量就在此地,而我们也被加速着; 亦或者该说,我们被引导进入意识的更高层次。

We are living in extremely powerful times.  High energies are here and we are being accelerated, or shall we say, guided into advanced levels of consciousness.
In this era of transformational expansion into higher dimensions, it is very important for us to be able to function within the third dimensional world in which we still physically exist.
Martha who is certified working with bioenergetic medicine and intercellular communication is excited to present to you her incredible journey and why now is the ripen time to uplift and strengthen your body, heart and consciousness.
Martha learn from Martha’s transformative journey spiritually and consciousness working with the powerful human body, animals, sound and the world of quantum physics.
Martha Birkett is a Canadian Natural Health Practitioner trained and practicing in numerous modalities over the course of 2 decades. She is a Certified Body Talk Practitioner and Animal Access Trainer, Electro-Acupuncture Practitioner, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Animal Communicator and Instructor, Reiki Master and Sound Healer.
Martha works extensively with all methods of vibrational healing and a strong depth of work within the realms of consciousness and our quantum reality.  She is committed in her work to assist others in finding their passion, promoting a positive transformation to create a more expansive life experience.  Martha has traveled to many places around the world working extensively with animals, orphaned children and experiencing modern and ancient cultures in many places in the world. She is well-respected and known from where she is in her leading edge approach on quantum healing and continues to contribute to her community with updated information and training on holistic health and healing.