离开,是为了再见 | Leaving Sri Lanka, in order to come back again!

离开,是为了再见 | Leaving Sri Lanka, in order to come back again!

领略了斯里兰卡美丽的山区之后,我回到了科伦坡,那晚我住在Nilusha家里,享用她精心给我做的斯里兰卡早餐之后, Nilu和我介绍了Saman Villas。当晚我就决定取消航班,一定要去那里看看。
After a quick taste of the enchanting hill country. I was now back in the tropics with my new favourite city Colombo. I was hosted at Nilusha’s place and over a delicious Sri Lankan breakfast, I got to know about the latest and most premium of additions from Sri Lanka to Ayurva’s portfolio. From what I had heard and read online. I just knew that I wasn’t flying out, until I’ve had this final experience called “Saman Villas”. And guess what? The next day, I found myself on the way to Bentota for another charming experience that I am about to share with you.


走进这座度假村,迎面而来的是两旁高大的橡果树,还能听见隐约潺潺的溪水声。Saman Villas坐落在高地上,面朝大海的房间很大,我特别喜欢酒店员工传统的打扮,也给Saman Villas增添了风土人情的味道。
Once you are within the limits of the property. You will find yourself surrounded by giant oaks and fruit trees that make way for the hotel’s entrance. There is that peaceful sound of a water stream welcoming you and which I assumed is somewhere in the property.
Saman Villas with all it’s grandeur, exclusivity and high standards of services is amongst the most sought after luxury spa resort getaways in Sri Lanka. It is nestled on a high land that juts out to the sea and what could very well be amongst the most desirable property locations in Sri Lanka.
I liked how the staff were dressed in traditional. The architecture seemed to be a nice flow between modern design, semi colonial and eastern influences. My room was one of the 27 private villa suites that have a sea side lookout and come with a swimming pool. For a property this big, housing only 27 suites reassured space and privacy. My suite had huge closets, one of the largest dressing areas and the bathroom was something that would require a special mention. It is quite generously laid out with a large size bath tub, open air showers and dry area. The toiletries and essential oils provided were all organic products and had a very soothing aroma. I took to a bit of relaxing while I was served tea in my suite.
Half an hour later I was headed to the restaurant for a meal. I was welcomed there by a very cheerful gentleman named “Amith” who apparently was also the front office manager. The restaurant had a beautiful location by the pool. The architecture was very eastern temple like with high ceilings and ethnic furnishings.
Here by my table, I was greeted by the very talented in house chef Alexander. A German by roots, the chef is wonderful to talk to and is pretty talented. I was served a four course meal that encapsulated the best of flavors. Not only the chef’s creations were creative and receptive of my preferences, but it made use of the best available items from fresh catch to local spices and tropical fruits.
After the lunch, Amith helped coordinate my Spa visit. We scheduled it two hours later. I wanted to take this time for a nice walk by the beach. While, it is not a private beach but to my good fortune I found it almost like it. This ensured my leisurely walk would have the added advantage of solitude. The beach was very beautiful. Hours passed as I took to listening to some music, walking on the sand and contemplating certain things that one does when at peace. Around me were ribbons of golden sand and topaz waters of the ocean to as far as my sight reached. I walked back to the hotel and made my way to the spa. There I was received by a very informative and warm host Derrick, who manages the Spa.
Sahana SPA是斯里兰卡少有的圣地,也是斯里兰卡第一个室外SPA会所。溪流,庭院让我的心立刻平静了下来。这里所有的产品和精油都是来自Kemara,这个牌子是斯里兰卡的著名品牌,主打高品质有机产品。这里提供的服务十分详尽,有美容保养,深度按摩,芳香疗法等等,鉴于之前已经有享受过相关SPA的经历了,这一次我决定试一试新的。
The Sahana Spa at Saman Villas is a very harmoniously crafted space. It is the first in Sri Lanka to bring in the concept of open air treatment. As you pass by a lush green water garden, there are two couple Villas set at the foot of it. This is where the treatments take place. There is a distinct feeling of peace as you explore the Spa. The landscaped streams and wonderfully set out patio’s work wonders to your calming state of mind.
I was told that all the products used for Spa treatments are sourced from a brand called “Kemara” which is well known in Sri Lanka for highest quality organic products and essential oils. The menu at Sahana Spa was pretty exhaustive ranging from ayurvedic offering’s to beauty treatments, deep tissue massages, aromatherapy and much more. Having had a considerable Spa experience in Sri Lanka so far, my priority was always to pick something unique as a way of experiencing a new treatment.
Here what caught my eye was a signature blue lotus massage. The blue lotus, a national flower of Sri Lanka is found only in Sri Lanka and that was a reason good enough to try it. The massage was at par with its reputation. I knew I was in professional hands as I felt at ease and sleepy within seconds down the treatment.
And an hour later as I was gently woken up by my masseuse, I felt incredibly relaxed and flexible at the bones. The aroma was very special. The subtle music and the sound of nature all contributed in their own little ways in making this treatment so effective. I even tried to find out about the music that played during my treatment and was glad when I was told that a CD of the same music is also kept in my suite.
回房间后,Spa Manager竟然已经把SPA音乐CD作为礼物送给我,真是想到我心里去了。远处,一些员工在挂灯笼和彩饰,斯里兰卡的佛牙节就快到了,我在脑海里想着节日里的斯里兰卡,应该别有一番风味。
As I made my way back to my suite. I found some staff members preparing lanterns and colorful decorations for the garden. It seemed that a local Sri Lankan festival was around the corner. I tried to imagine how beautiful the place would look with it.
The feeling of tranquility then extended to my suite, as I took a very relaxing bath listening to that same piece of music. Along with staring at the open skies of my rain shower. The sunset view from my balcony was stunning. I enjoyed some cocktails by a cute little bar stationed next to the restaurant overlooking the ocean.
Now looking back at my stay experience there, it was pretty apparent that the cuisine, decor and even some of the spa treatments like the one I had, all paid homage to the rich culture and history of Sri Lanka.
Writing as I hoped there would be some way, I would capture these moments in the best of my humble words. And hopefully be able to relive, imagine and share these experiences. When, I or even you read them weeks and weeks later far away from anywhere as beautiful as this place.
For now, I could feel my retreat in Sri Lanka coming to a full circle as I lay there feeling light headed, watching the silouhette of the palms waving back and forth on the sparkling night sky. Waking up to a happy self, the breeze from the ocean and tropical birds wasn’t bad either.
If you find yourself interested in experiencing something like what I experienced. Please feel free to visit my Friend Nilu’s wonderful webiste. And remember to live your dreams and share your passion.

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Tera Naam是继Mirabai Ceiba之后的又一对灵魂夫妇组成的音乐组合,他们的每一首歌都诠释了这对夫妇之间的默契、配合、相爱、合一。这对夫妇的声线空灵而又扣人心弦。

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