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Celebrating Everyday As It Is 庆祝每一天最真实的模样
In English Inspirational

Celebrating Everyday As It Is 庆祝每一天最真实的模样

Every country I go, I discovered sth about myself. I am very grateful for all my experiences, even thought there is no way to know what makes one thing happen…
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真正的智慧来自内在 Wisdom comes from within
In Chinese In English Inspirational Spirituality Videos

真正的智慧来自内在 Wisdom comes from within

生活中,很多人会通过购物、旅行、读书、辞职、换工作、改变生活方式和感情来填补内心的寂寞和空洞。这些方法可以暂时缓解,可是时间久了,回到了现实,焦虑、恐惧、不安仍然存在。很多人急切得寻找捷径找寻人生的意义所在。大多数, (more…)
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