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上帝创造了大峡谷,却住在圣多娜God created the Grand Canyon… but he lives in Sedona


Travel optimizes our experience and unplug ourselves from a life we can predict and stumble into unpredicted enviornment and experience that catch us by surprise. Traveling messes you up, but in all the good ways. It leaves you always craving more, an addiction that can never quite be met.

Every place, every trip, every person is a new adventure, pulling you deeper into the love of wanderlust. Your heart begins to hurt when you are standing still, and your mind begins to itch over the idea of new places you haven’t been. Fill your soul with adventure and traveling and living a fulfilled life.

You will never be completely at home again, because a part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place.

red rock sedona flywithmaggie



然后我在圣多娜的Airbnb 家里认识了Sean 和Kimi,刷新了我的爱情观:


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美国雪士达山灵性旅行Mt. Shasta Spiritual trip in US California


之前看了一本书,勾起了我想去雪士达山的机缘,奥瑞莉亚·卢意诗·琼斯所写的《地心文明:桃乐市》书中讲到的关于第五维度的文明Telos 的真实故事,而Mt Shasta 就是他们文明的入口,书的封面与许多雪士达山的明信片都有很优美的“飞碟云”,于是雪士达山就成为我2016旅行心愿清单的第一名,当然此次美国之行还有另外一个重要的灵性目的地:圣多娜,留到下回分解。

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有一个城市,是无法用纯粹的感官去体验的,因为五官根本来不及跟上她的变幻节奏, 从摩天大楼,博物馆到百货公司,纽约比其他国际大都市都更大 (bigger than bigger) 更喧闹,更快节奏。对我这个常驻在魔都的环球女飞侠来说,纽约让我wow到嘴巴都合不上。

How do you make sense of a place that is pure sensory overload? From skyscrapers to museums and department stores, New York is the city that does it bigger, louder and faster than any other. It can overwhelm even the most seasoned traveler.


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Proper tipping etiquette in the U.S. and Europe

When traveling, tipping is a typical practice when dining out in restaurants in Europe or U.S.

But that is just not where tipping is also practiced. For a frequent traveler, tipping is usually involved in almost all manner of activity during a trip.

I really don’t want to tip, but in some countries, I have no choice.

The most important thing is that the traveler knows the right way of tipping. Here are some tipping etiquette basics that most travelers should know.

Tipping In Hotels

When arriving at the hotel, the first person you may meet may either be the doorman or the bellman.

Travelers may give a tip to the one who will help them with carrying their luggage in through the hotel.

The usual tip for this is $ 1 to $ 2 per bag in addition to tips for some extra service like assisting you at checkout.

The hotel concierge is the go-to guy if you need something immediately, even if it is hard to come by.

In Exchange for such services, tipping from $ 5 to $ 10 is usually the norm, considering some of the amazing feats they can do for you as a customer.

Tipping On Cruises

When going out on a cruise, the usual tips go to cruise personnel who work on the dining area or those who takes care of your rooms.

For the waiters and other dining staff providing you good service, the tip may range from $ 2 to $ 3 per person.

For those room attendants, the usual tipping rate goes for $ 2 to $ 3 per day.

Tipping On Restaurants

Restaurants and eateries usually are known as a common ground for tipping.

The usual or accepted rate is anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of the bill but can even be increased if service was truly exceptional.

In most fancy restaurants, there are also other restaurant personnel like the maitre d’ to tip especially when it comes to providing you with a table to dine.

On a crowded day, it is normal to tip up to $10 especially if you come to the restaurant without a reservation yet are still promptly given a table.

Restroom attendants in fancy restaurants may also be tipped $1.

Restaurant personnel that provide you some personal service in your table may be given 10 percent of the total bill, even higher if given some exquisite service.