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haikko manor


There are two kinds of people in the world
Those who are following the herd constraining by limiting belief system;
Those who have awakened to live the true-self and be free;
The first pack’s life journey is full of expected path and familiar tracks.
Endless 9 to 5 and routines,
Destined to become the slave of life.
The latter ‘s journey is always on the unfamiliar path,
However, they don’t care how others think of them,
They truly enjoy what life could offer to them,
The first pack’s life path are like circles.
The latter’s life path are like roller coasters,
Sometimes up, sometimes down, but full of thrillers and excitement.
Which one do you prefer? You only live once.


芬兰桑拿精灵的故事Story of Finnish Sauna Elf

This planet does not need more “successful people”, it desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.



Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna

Many years ago, when I was working as a freelancer interpreter, I worked on a project for a Finnish Woods exporter at a Trade show, that was the first time I heard about Finnish Sauna, Geographically speaking, nearly 80% of the land in Finland are natural forests. The natural resource and cold weather made it a perfect match for Finnish culture to integrate Sauna into their daily life. Before I went to Finland, I didn’t realize the importance of Sauna until I recently experienced the mystery of it at Ruka & Kuusamo, the famous lapland in Finland.

Finnish people believe that every sauna has an elf to protect it. If you had an argument during sauna, Elf would feel offended, and burn your house. They also say elf existed so that children don’t do anything silly during sauna. Parents will take 3 months year old children to sauna too.


芬兰童话世界体验二: Reindeer ride驯鹿亲密接触 vs Snow castle雪城堡

This is my first time to be so close to Reindeer, to ride them and feed them, winter wonderland brings me so much joy. 在芬兰和圣诞老人的座驾驯鹿亲密接触,原来,驯鹿都是有主人的呢。

入住凯米雪城堡 Kemi Snow-castle

Sleeping at Snow castle in Kemi makes me have more passion in street people who are abandoned on the street in the cold weather. Adventurous people have a daring heart and willingness to try anything new and exciting. Snow castle is definitely one of the arctic experience that makes you want to try it out, maybe just one night.

可以想象睡在零下5度的冰箱里的感受吗?来圣诞老人村附近的凯米村,这个小村庄不到3万个人,是座典型的北极城市,除了北极光吸引全世界游客的到来,这个特别的冬季建筑 当然是旅游亮点(整个酒店的外墙只有雪和冰),每个房间的雕塑也是各有千秋,据说还是中国的冰雕艺术家特地跑到芬兰贡献他们的手艺呢?(哈尔滨的冰雕可是全球闻名的)。