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TBEX speaker flywithMaggie

Top 3 reasons why I attended TBEX 2015全球旅行博主交流大会演讲实录

I was really honored to be selected as the only Chinese Mainland speaker at TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange Conference) at Bangkok from Oct 15-17, 2015. It was an event that no travel blogger, travel writer, video blogger should miss out, unless you find yourself uncomfortable mingling with a bunch of passionate dream seekers who gave up 9 to 5 to chase digital nomad lifestyle. Honestly speaking, if I would conclude this event in three key words, it would be Education, Entertainment and Engagement:

全球旅游博主大会TBEX每年在北美相聚,今年第一次来到了亚洲泰国曼谷,而我作为中国区唯一的演讲者,非常荣幸能够和全球600名旅游博主面对面分享经验。如果你喜欢分享旅行故事,或者喜欢旅行摄影,或只是随便写写什么的,你就可以参与TBEX(Travel Blogger Exchange), 全球的旅行博主达人聚在一起分享他们的成功经验:比方说如何生活在世界任何一个角落还可以让自己的网站赚钱,如果成功获得New York Times, BBC, National Geographic的采访,等等。有一个很重要的前提:你英文要好,你要喜欢和一群整天在全世界乱飞的疯子们玩在一起,你要是个有上进心的好听众。如果要用三个字来形容这次的收获,那就是:Education 学习交流; Entertainment 旅行娱乐活动 ;Engagement 深度的参与。会议三天的时间,充斥着吸引眼球的各类主题研讨分享,全世界顶尖的旅行达人亲身分享他们的故事……


fly with maggie speaks for charity


前几天,Maggie有幸作为志愿者主持了一场“特别”时装秀,这是上海第一场以残障人士为主角的“不同时装秀”,大部分模特都是特殊人群,靠导盲 犬走秀,拄着拐杖合唱,听不到音乐跳舞。他们不屈服身体的不足,他们肢体的残缺反而让他们变成精神富有的人群,你知道吗?全国有8600万名残疾人士,这 场不同的活动让我们健康人看到他们的尊严和价值。

In China, there are 86 million physically challenged people. However we barely see them in public. They are neglected by this modern society. Its our hope to let everyone see their beauty through a delightful and fashionable way, like the fashion show. Each individual has their own value.


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Maggie interviewed on The Gathering

Maggie is this weeks guest on The Gathering hosted by Butch Bradley.

The Gathering is a live comedy podcast recorded on stage, where we bring together musical guests, comedians, playwrights,entrepreneurs, and connoisseurs to help him celebrate Shanghai’s vibrant arts, culture, and entertainment communities.

Hosted by American standup comedian Butch Bradley. Butch has appeared on numerous television programs including The Martin Short Show, VH1’s The List, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, HBO and Comedy Central. Butch can be seen in the documentary film “Open Mic” starring Richard Jeni, Dave Chappelle, Tony Rock, and Shawn Wayans.

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