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“My curiosity to the world gives me strength so that I can fly with no fear.”





Chief World Explorer

Hello World

Two years ago, I was in a completely different place. I worked in an office job as a headhunter, the pay was good, the field was great, but I was so miserable that I would want to quit every day.

One night I was browsing through my travel pictures, I couldn’t help but to laugh at all the memories just flood in, I felt so alive even just thinking about those memories I made traveling. Then boom…it hits me; quit my current life and start a new one. Do what I want to do, and build a life that makes me feel happy most of the time. At that time, I wasn’t thinking logically, I simply decided to follow my heart.

Travel was and still is a huge adrenaline rush for me, while traveling I live on a high of inspiration, spending time with lots of people who share the same values with me.

I am a nature born “human bridge”, I enjoy connecting people and help them to achieve their personal and professional goals or dreams. I am optimistic as well as practical and realistic about what can and what cannot happen. Once I commit to do something, I will utilize all my resources and knowledge to make it happen.

To give more, expect less, think out of box, treasure what comes to you. Be free in spirit and outspoken in mind. Fully engaged. Be true to and open about your authentic self, even if sometimes this YOU is not yet distinguished.

Feel your heart with me when you read my blog. I am not asking you to do exactly the same. Everyone has their own journey, you should find yours, and stick to it. Fly with your heart open and soul smiling.

Live as well as you dare. Consciously seek out experiences that expand your sense of who you are and what you are capable of.