Maggie Wu

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身心灵探索旅行 Travel
能量心灵疗愈 Therapy
了悟人生宇宙真相 Truth

我有许多外在的角色,比如环球旅行家,身心灵培训师,人生教练, 激励讲师,旅游视频自媒体人,可我不想被任何一个角色所限制,因为人生有多种可能性,我对探索外在空间世界和内在精神世界同样充满了好奇。


旅行节目只是一个媒介, 旅行是我自我疗愈的方式,也希望透过这种方式可以帮助到其他人,就好像我以身作则,用旅行作为我的心理治疗法,引领更多人的活出自己。真正活出自己精彩的人很少,能挖掘世界活出真我的人,而只有旅行才能发现这些人。

我拍摄旅行视频博客 V-log 记录我的旅行,采访全世界有意思的人,分享他们的故事和人生,希望更多人能通过我的视频,找到自己的内心渴望,活出理想的生活状态。旅行让我们脱离了种族、文化、国家和信仰的束缚。让我们知道我们从何而来,为何而来,我们的人生目的是什么。如果一个人把他生命的所有的当下都用在转念,提升,他就生活在一个全然喜悦的生命状态。



“Travel V-logger”, “Life Coach” “Motivational Speaker”

Story collector and Story creator.

My mission in life is about 5T: Travel, Training, Thrill-seeker, Truth, Transformation.

From wilderness to wellness, By exploring the external world to reach and connect the internal world, our heart and soul.

Travel is not a form of escape, but a way to expand and explore yourself. My V-log is about interviewing people who live on their highest vibrations/ frequencies, sharing their stories and lives, Encourage people to act on their highest frequencies, listening to their hearts. It’s about Inspire + Impact lives, motivate humanity to live on our highest potential and excitement.

Spiritual awareness and understanding are gained when we travel to places with vortexes and energy grids on earth. I am utilizing travel to promote Spirituality and to elevate collective consciousness. It also breaks down the separateness in humanity.

Travel allows us to let go of Races, cultures, countries and belief systems. To know where human beings are from and why we are on earth, what’s our purpose in life.

Travel is not merely a consumer activity or rich people’s sport, it’s a deep experimental way of living a lifestyle that go beyond our limiting belief systems, conquering fears and discovering passions you never thought you had. Time and mobility is a relative term, live simplicity, and manifest synchronicity.