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我终于在澳洲从4500米高空跳了下来Skydiving in Australia

在4500米的高空,跳出飞机的那一刻,竟然没有一丝害怕或紧张,可能之前有wind tunnel的经验,高空俯视整个世界,仿佛所有的一切都可以放下let it go,我就是一只在高空翱翔的小鸟,地球上所有的烦恼问题都与我无关。谢谢海玩网赞助FlywithMaggie的第一次skydiving体 验,there’s more to experience!!有兴趣来澳洲跳伞的可以通过海玩网haiwan.com 预定,FlywithMaggie approved!

I did it, skydiving is checked off my bucket list, I thought I would have at least hesitated a bit before jumping out of the airplane, instead I jumped and laughed all the way down. After I landed I tried to encourage all the other first-time jumpers. I was not even slightly nervous , I am made to FLY 🙂

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