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持久的快乐只需6步 6 Routes To Lasting Happiness

FlywithMaggie shares 6 Routes To Lasting Happiness

1. Pinning down exactly what it is that will bring you true satisfaction. Think about what would constitute your ideal day.


2. Unlock your “Ikigai” , This term is coming from Okinawa region of Japan, it means what is the reason you get up in the morning. Connectedness, Contentedness, Mindfulness. I get up to connect with the people I care about, do things that give me comfort and to be present.


3. Celebrate Yourself Everyday. Describe the person you want to be. Specifically, focus on your values. Values are about finding your top strengths. They are the drives and motivators in life, such as creativities, curiosity and courage. They are not just things you are good at, but things that energize you.


4. Look into your role models you admire. What are they doing with their time, bodies and minds? Identify the characteristics your mentors have that you want to cultivate and make them your own.



5. Find like-minded people or attract them. Growth also comes through being open to new hobbies and projects. Hobbies take time to establish, so persevere. Friendships gained like this keep us motivated, inspired and act as a support structure.


6. Do what you love, love what you do. Do it regularly. All that is required to bring peace to the world is for everyone to shire their light.


“有 很多人总想着年轻的时候赚钱、存钱,等退休了再去环球旅行。可到那个时候,已经因为长期工作而体力不佳,太冷的地方不能去,太高的地方不能爬,太远的飞行 不能承受……所以我家里的旅行箱,不会放在柜子里面,而是随时可以拿着行李走的。在我还很年轻的时候,总觉得生命无常,所以一旦想到要去做什么事情,就立 即去做。如果生命只剩下半年,最想去的地方却还没有去过,我们为什么不能现在就放下一切,背起包包去旅行?旅行让人开阔,对于许多牛角尖越钻越小的事情, 都更容易包容与放下。每去一个国家,就是一次后天混血的过程——到最后就彻底成为自由进出各国的世界公民。旅行会让人谦卑,你会知道地球之大,永远有着与 你截然不同的人、事、物在地球的彼端发生。见的世面广了,也就不会把自己局限在小格局里,不再愤世嫉俗,与人为敌。所以,旅行永远是最好、最有效的心理治 疗。”


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