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Celebrating Everyday As It Is 庆祝每一天最真实的模样

Every country I go, I discovered sth about myself. I am very grateful for all my experiences, even thought there is no way to know what makes one thing happen and not another, what leads to what, what destroys what, what causes what to flourish, or take another course. I am still keep exploring, because part of me knows that’s my deepest heart desire is, to experience life as it is, not as it should be.


Last Dec, I had my 33 year’s birthday, after celebrating with my parents and my friends, I realize that among all the experiences I have created in the past 4 years since I started FlywithMaggie, one thing stands out, I became an inspirational and interesting person, I always have stories to tell and people are always intrigued by my stories.

Then I realized another thing, People like you not because how interesting you are as person, but how much you are interested in other people’s lives. When I tell my stories, I also understand how important is it to make your audience feel related to your stories, because it’s not just about you, it’s about them. How they feel inspired by your stories, and how your stories can affect them or even change their lives.


“Do u know when I was like 4 year old , I always know I am not from earth, I felt like an alien, But that time, I didn’t care, I know I was here for a reason, Then I entered elementary school , the system strained me. Tried to make me a horse haha. If I was a unicorn , my horn was gone, you can take horn out of a unicorn, but you can’t take unicorn out of its core.”

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“Forest has this fascinating atmosphere which makes me feel that I am either in a movie – Alice in the wonderland or a different dimension. As a city dweller, I always love the smell and sensation forest offers me, I feel more alive here.”


Those are the stories I shared with my audience.

5 years ago, if you told me that I would be traveling to 40 countries in the next 4 years, I would laugh at you out loud. Now looking back, I have no idea what made me brave enough to pull it off, All I knew was Life didn’t happen to me, I simply just couldn’t bear the old me anymore, I have to either change of belief system, or change my behavior. I chose both.

Now, I am also shifting my focus on Personal Development, Life coaching, and facilitating workshops and believe that the wisdom I have gained along the years is making me a true inspirational speaker who are not afraid to stand in front of 1000 people and tell them My Crazy Story about “How I shift my 9-5 life to a life I don’t need a vacation from. ”

In Dec, with the help of my friend Kimberly, we pulled off our first collaborated workshop called :” Create the Best Version of Yourself ” and we had 10 amazing souls joined us.


Of course it started with my travel escape story, along these wild traveling year, I realized that it was not merely about my passion for travel but rediscovering the entire concept of TRAVEL, TRAINING , and eventually TRANSFORMATION.

To celebrate my traveling years – 4 years in 40 countries, I chose the below paragraph to share with you.

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工作坊12.3启动 “成为最棒的自己—拿回人生蓝图,创造梦想人生”

Oprah Winfrey 23岁时,被报社解雇;
Stephen King 24岁时,是一名门卫,住在拖车上;
J.K. Rowling 28岁时,是个试图自杀的单亲母亲,那时她需要依靠低保生活;
Harrison Ford 30岁时,是一位木工;
Vera Wang在奥林匹克花样滑冰的时候失败,40岁时才设计了她的第一套礼服。

famous and successful top performer


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真正的智慧来自内在 Wisdom comes from within



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